A Good Research Question

Here is an example of a strong good question what are the conditions under which US presidents are more likely to appoint moderate nominees to the Supreme Court this question is very clear and concise here’s another one should US presidents the point nominees with similar ideological leanings as themselves to the court excuse me to these feet Supreme Court after you’ve formulated a clear and concise research question you want to begin identifying the methods of inquiry you want to ask yourself what information is needed to answer my research question how will I use the information I collect to answer the question here are some example methods of inquiry you can use qualitative methods quantitative methods inductive reasoning deductive practical research theoretical research applied research evaluation research exploratory cross-sectional longitudinal case study and or correlation regression analysis. Learn more about term paper topic at Edusson.

I do not expect you to understand correlation regression analysis at this point in your studies and but you should you can be aware that it does exist and if you go on to graduate school you may be engaging in it so after you formulate the question and you formula excuse me you identify the methods of inquiry then you want to start formulating a thesis statement your thesis statement needs to be a direct answer to the research question it should be supported by the research that you conducted it also needs to be clear and concise here are some examples again let’s say the topic is the ideological leaning of Supreme Court appointees your research question is what are the conditions under which US presidents are more likely to appoint moderate nominees to the Supreme Court your methodology is quantitative deductive and correlational here is some thesis statements number one presidents nominate moderate candidates this does not answer the research question it’s too vague it tells us nothing and it’s not argumentative let’s try this again liberal presidents are more likely to nominate moderate candidates this just tells us a distinction between liberal and conservative presidents it does not align with a research question argumentative but framed and properly.

Let’s try this once more three presidents are more likely to nominate moderates to the Supreme Court during their last term in office under divided government and during depressions this is an argumentative and a direct response to the research question it is properly aligned introduces the May findings of the research and sets a clear focused path for analysis building topic sentences now when you get into the body of your work you want to organize the body of the work in a logical manner you can organize it by issue by chronology or concept begin each section with a strong and intriguing topic sentence here are some examples okay the economy affects judicial appointments what are you talking about here this is boring this tells us nothing let’s try it again presidents are more likely to appoint moderate candidates during times of economic depression this topic sentence is significantly better it gives us a much more information and direction for the rest of the paragraph or section.