Compliments as Rewards: How to Give and Receive

It is important to identify the different personality types in an office, not just for the purpose of pigeonholing, but to identify one’s strong and weak points. This will help you give out proper office etiquette. Of course, when you are familiar with the personality type of your officemates, you will be able to pay him an appropriate respect.

An office usually houses different types of personalities hence you have to be aware on them and act based on them. Here are some office etiquette tips that will help you survive in an environment where there is a presence of different workplace behavior.

Compliments are rewards in a form of words often given to people for a job well done. Both giving and receiving compliments should be treated as an important social skill.

Giving compliments is something that needs practice in order to be properly done because the only difference between senseless flattery and sincere praise is in the way you deliver.

Since compliments should only focus on the other person’s accomplishment, never include yourself. Comparing yourself with the person you are complimenting, whether the intention is good or bad, does not merit any benefit.

How to Give Compliments?

In giving compliments, remember to be:

  • Sincere: Always keep in mind that you praise others because you appreciate their work. Make them feel your sincerity by saying your compliments in a genuine voice.
  • Specific: Be detailed so that people could understand the context in which they are being praised for.
  • Sensible:  Compliments are best said immediately. It is unreasonable to praise someone for something he or she has accomplished a long time ago.

How to Receive Compliments?

Receiving compliments is even easier than giving them. However, a lot of people fail to do it correctly.

People often make a mistake by trying to dodge or reject the praise. Being praised makes people feel a bit embarrassed most of the time. Some fret at the thought that they might look arrogant if they readily accept praises.

In receiving compliments, do NOT be:

  • Haughty: Adding compliments to yourself after somebody already has will make you look conceited.
  • Humble: Trying to be too humble by apologizing and declining compliments is also a sign of arrogance. The person giving the compliment might think you are just asking for more compliments. Too much humility is said to whisper arrogance.

So when receiving compliments, just smile and give thanks. Since it is a form of reward, the polite thing to do is just to accept it.