Linking Words In Writing

Today, we are going to talk about Academic Writing and second part of today’s lecture would be focused on Linking Words: that is those words that bring about a sense of cohesion between sentences and within sentences as well. So, what is academic writing? Let us first begin with what’s is written over here, academic writing, and how often do you need academic writing? Now, the answer to that would be that you need academic writing very frequently, you write reports, you write your answer papers, you write your assignments and term papers and then at a later stage you also need to write publishable papers, your SOPs. So, all these things require a great deal of understanding of the mechanics of academic writing. Why do you need academic writing? So we need academic writing and a good understanding of its mechanisms in order to get by in our academic life. What does academic writing aim to do? Why is academic writing so different from let say any semi formal kind of writing?

See, the main idea of being well versed with writing an academic piece of work is to demonstrate how well you research a topic, it also reflects and involves how well you argue, interpret and explain. Now, I am showing you these two questions here, take a look at this. Take a look at the slide, please. Discuss the idea that ‘overconsumption in the modern world is a serious threat to true sustainability’. Now discuss, is it a serious threat to true sustainability, what is sustainability, you have to define that first, and what is overconsumption; consumption we all know, but what is over consumption and how is that becoming a serious threat to sustainability. So, look at the various words and expressions involved here, and then you have to discuss. So, you can say it is a serious threat or you can say it is not so serious threat to the sustainability, there are other serious threats.

Overconsumption is only one of the many threats, but it is not as serious as some other issue, some other threats that’s is the way you discuss. You always are supposed to give an opinion, take a stand somewhere that comes in your conclusion. That may also come in the beginning in the introduction, where you mentioned the general thesis, general statement and say yes, I support or I do not support. Conclusion should always have a good rounding off what you express the idea or the stand you took in the very first statement, and in the very first paragraph of your essay. Look at the second question. In the last 20 years, rates of divorce have risen significantly in Western countries. Critically analyze some of the different explanations given for this phenomenon. In your discussion, you should consider what implications these explanations might have for social policy. Now this is the serious question, how many things you have to look at, Western countries and rates of divorce, critically analyze, some of the different explanations given for the phenomenon, what are the reasons and give different explanations or this kind of happening in the Western country.